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How to choose the right tennis racket?
You ask yourself: "How to choose the right tennis racket?" We will advise you and give you good tips on how to find the right tennis racket for your game.
Best tennis racket for beginners
How to choose the best tennis racket for beginners? The best tennis racket for beginners in adulthood is a light to medium weight racket (women up to 275 g, men up to 285 g) with a medium to large head (645 cm² to 690 cm²) and a balanced to slightly top heavy balance. Due to the lower weight tennis racquets are easy to maneuver for beginners and forgive the slightly larger face, due to the larger sweet spot, dirty targets.
Tennis rackets for advanced and experienced players
For advanced and experienced tennis players is a medium-sized racket (women from 275 g, men from 285 g) with a medium head size
(630 cm² to 660 cm²)
. These beater characteristics allow good maneuverability and, with the appropriate impact technology, provide more speed and stability due to the higher weight. A well-balanced balance point also gives the tennis player increased control. These racquets are recommended for advanced tennis players who train regularly and have good playing technique.
Tennis rackets for team and tournament players
Team and tournament players who train often and regularly, usually use heavy rackets (300 g and more) with a medium to small head (about 645 cm²) and a balanced to top heavy balance point. These tennis rackets allow the greatest possible ball control and a lot of feedback. Tennis rackets for team and tournament players can be played by experienced tennis players who have a long and fast swing and prefer a racket that offers a lot of control.
Tennis racket types
Comfort racket
Comfort clubs have a large clubface with a big sweet spot and are rather light and top heavy. Comfort bats are particularly suitable for casual players, seniors and players with arm problems. Some models also offer special cushioning systems for extra comfort.
Tournament Rackets
Tournament racquets are significantly heavier than comfort racquets, with a relatively small club head, a comparatively small sweet spot and a balanced to top-heavy balance point. This racket type is played by experienced tennis players.
All-round racket
All-round racquets are a compromise between comfort and tournament rackets and are well balanced in all their features, allowing advanced recreational players to get along well with them. Despite good control, sufficient power can be achieved.
Important: Before you buy new you should deal with the different batting characteristics. If you are not sure, use our racket advice or let us send racquets home for testing.